New “Zesty Zapus” Default Wallpapers Just Released . .

What’s a “Zapus” anyway . . . ??

Well, it’s the North American Meadow Jumping Mouse.   And there are plenty of them in Nebraska!   It’s also the latest short-term release of Ubuntu – it will be available for download in April.

If you like great photography (suitable for Windows backgrounds too!).    Take a look here:    Softpedia Link to “Zesty” Wallpapers

Canonical extends Ubuntu 12.04 support for paying customers

“Why keep supporting a five-year-old operating system? Because, if you work with servers, five years can be just the start.”    OR you might just like your current desktop and want to keep it safe . . 

“so Canonical found they had enough 12.04 legacy users to justify offering important security fixes for the kernel and the most essential user space packages”.

Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols

So, version 12.04 (2012-April) is Ubuntu’s oldest supported OS.   Now, and for current/future releases (16.04), Canonical will support the OS for up to 10 years . . . . and seeing how OTC’ers (nee Slugo-ites) hate to update (ergo Win XP) . . . this is good news!

Link to ZedNet Article on Ubuntu Update Support

Turn off Auto-Proxy on Windows PC . . at Public WiFi Places

MS as usual doesn’t opt for security over convenience . . . so, here’s a great little HowTo from HTG explaining what the problem is and how to fix it . . . for our OTC Club members, this should be a priority.

NOTE:   If you’re one of the 5 or 6 current members running any Linux or MacOS, this “feature” is disabled by default . . .

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