Weak point in Cloud Storage . . lack of encryption

Think about how you handle your key databases & stand-alone data on Dropbox or any similar Public Cloud.

  • “Researchers found of the 82% of databases left unencrypted in the public cloud”
  • “31% were accepting inbound connection requests from the internet”
  • “More than half (51%) of network traffic in the public cloud is still on the default web port (port 80) for receiving unencrypted traffic”
  • “Nearly all (93%) public cloud resources have no outbound firewall rule

Wow – – I know our club members know better . . . but what about the 3 points that are controlled at Server-Side???   DMZ config???

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LangFocus . . . a fascinating website about language & culture . . .

To add more color and light topics in our website, I’ve added an “Off-Topic” category.   This provides a way for our club members to add their own favorite web-sites about topics of interest (light & interesting & informative).

Our basic posting standards still apply (if you think there is a remote possibility of offending – – don’t post).

Firefox – Massive Changes by Year End . .

As some our our members may already know, Firefox is undergoing significant change this year. By the end of 2017 . . when version 57 rolls out, the changes will be fully implemented.

Essentially, Firefox is moving to the same technology as Google’s Chrome browser (and the open source version of that – – “Chromium”).

Lot’s of reasons for that – too long for this format, but bottom line, it’s just better.

Here’s some additional info below: