Firefox Usage Plummets . . .

In the past few months, I’ve migrated from Firefox to Chrome as my daily driver.   But by the end of this year, Firefox’s capabilities will be much more competitive with Chrome and in some cases, even better.   Sadly though, it’s not likely that will make a difference for regaining their glory days market share.

PS:   reason I say “sadly’ is any promotion of software monopolies is NOT a good thing.   Competition is a key to innovation and better customer treatment.   As such, will continue to track on FF releases and if in the same “ballpark” as Chrome, I’ll be glad to switch back.

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OTC Meeting Agenda for July 8, 2017 . . .

  • Presentations and Participation:   by John Moloney,
  • Let’s Play Games:  by Trudy DeKeuster and John Moloney,
  • Necessary Apps for Android Phones and Tablets:   by the OTC Android SIG,
  • Installing CC-Cleaner on a Thumb Drive:   by Dennis Fleming,
  • Inxi – a Command Line Tool for Linux to quickly fetch hardware specs:  Greg Arndt
  • Tech News Update & Members Q & A (if time permits):   by Greg Arndt
  • Door Prize Drawing:   by Trudy DeKuester and Dennis Fleming
  • Meeting wrap-up and Lunch Bunch headcount