Firefox 57 Quantum . . Released Today!!!

Good News on the Browser front-lines . . . the Mozilla Foundation has officially released their completely re-written browser engine and user interface.

See Here:     Firefox Home

Get more details at HTG:   How to Geek Link

For our Ubuntu users . . . best to wait and get it when the official repo’s are populated . . (next day or two).

4 thoughts on “Firefox 57 Quantum . . Released Today!!!”

  1. Installed itself on Thursday .. and WOW .. is it fast! I haven’t delved into all the functions yet .. but no further need to use Opera for speed gain. Back to FireFox for this gal!

  2. and I just figured out that after you post a comment .. you can’t change or delete it!!! FireFox installed on Friday .. not Thursday as I first posted.

  3. Upon clicking “edit” – – there is no “move to trash” link in right sidebar? That’s how I deleted your duplicate post just now. But perhaps the Author profile doesn’t have that . . . pls let me know.

  4. Don’t find an ‘edit’ .. either on main page or dashboard. I can see everything I’ve posted .. but no clicking around brings me to an ‘edit’. Maybe comments are handled differently than new topic posts?

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