SoftMaker Suite . . Another Office Alternative

Thanks to Leo Martinez for sending a heads up email about the new version of SoftMaker Office Suite!! . . . a very capable and well supported alternative to MS-Office.  It comes with both paid and free (beta) versions.   The link below the graphic explains more.

Versions available for Mac, Windows, Linux/BSD and Android!

Softmaker article link (by Jack Germain)


GoodBye! . . . 32 bit Operating Systems . . .

Yet another nail in the coffin for PC’s still running a 32 bit OS.   So, if there are several club members who still want to run 32 bit . . . . might want to start planning an upgrade to current technology.

This decision will affect all 32-bit systems i.e. Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Window 7, Microsoft Windows 8/8.1, and Microsoft Windows 10.

Link to “itsfoss” article re 32 bit demise . .

eelo . . . the next best attempt for an Open Source Mobile OS???

Here’s another project that aims to release a “free & open source” phone OS to counter a closed market of Apple (IoS) and Google (Android).

I wish Gael Duval luck . . . he’ll need it.

Link to eelo project article

Hope he succeeds, am not impressed with Android as an OS, and am not impressed – – at all with Apple as a company – especially in light of recent news reports about intentional slowing down their older phones.


Using Bleachbit on Ubuntu

Yes, you can use Bleachbit on Ubuntu but for a slightly different reason.   Like all Operating Systems, Linux flavors do get extra file accumulation.

In the Linux OS, this doesn’t slow down your system but it does take extra space that could other be used on a smaller SSD such as my 120 Gig SanDisk.

So, here’s a ten minute youtube video explaining how to use it as well as doing some preliminary “manual” cleanup via the Terminal (aka CLI – command line interface).

The presenter obviously is South_Central Asian, so please pay close attention as he covers this material (which also can be run on MacOS or Windows).