Meerkat Bluetooth Speaker Musings

I thought that I would list the results of using Bluetooth to connect to speakers.

I have 3 Bluetooth devices: and Insignia Stereo Speaker, Echo, and Trekz Titanium bone-conducting headphones.

After pairing the Insignia works, but the speakers are just fair. The Echo has much better sound and pairs well after giving Alexa instruction to pair. The Trekz is great with the day long live and clear sound. It’s like the sound from an old stereo.

Yesterday, I hooked up the Echo to the Mercat. After playing for about a half hour the sound became scratchy. This also happens with the Insignia, often it is scratchy from the start.  But it has never (fingers crossed) happened with the Trekz.

So I am wondering, do the processors get overworked? It never happens when the Echo plays my Amazon music. I would think that the audio signal is not being decoded when the distortion could occur.

So I am asking the group for explanations of this phenomena.

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  1. On some devices like mp3 players with bluetooth there are audio settings:

    – things like equalizers, and related settings. I would suggest if that’s the case to try adjusting those.

    – also, what happens if you use another sound source like the Pandora Streaming Service.

    – there is also a new Snap app for the Spotify Streaming Service (supposed to be better than Pandora).

    – I would suggest to post in the Ubuntu “Multimedia” sub-forum. If doing that supply the output of “inxi -Fx” in code tags along with your info. Remember your basic rules for copy/paste from a unix or linux terminal. (ctrl+shift+c or v)

    – I would also suggest to do a search at “AskUbuntu” for “scratchy” “distorted” sound via bluetooth

    EDIT – – also,

    – In the Ubuntu Sound Settings app – – there is a checkbox to enable volume above 100% – – – if that’s checked, uncheck it and try the bluetooth speaker again.

    – You might try installing PAVU (Pulse Audio Control) and see if the output settings look right (if sound is set too in this master, it can distort output. Here is a link to a youtube video explaining the basics of Pulse Audio:

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