Self-Destructing Google Mail . . (better, but does not replace GPG/PGP etc.)

Good feature add by Google, . . . but do be aware of the limitations – not completely secure but OK for “confidential”. Google can still read, and message still in clear text in your “sent” folder. So, . . . NOT OK for Secret/Top Secret.

Who Still Plays PC Games? . . . Only About 1.2 Billion People . . .

The 1.2 billion number reflects PC gamers.   There is another group that mainly or just plays via a gaming console (more folks use the PC than the consoles).  The combined total is about 1.8 billion.

This is the main reason Intel decided to get into that market and start challenging Nvidia and AMD.

Link to Gaming Article

Microsoft Should Name Windows 10 Updates After Dogs . .

Currently, MS-Windows update names are . . . really . . . blah!   Not much marketing or creativity there.   But everyone (almost) LOVES dogs!

And, if they would adapt the method Ubuntu uses . . . the next update might just be “Collegial Collie”. . .

HTG Link re MS Win10 Update Names . .