Is Windows 10 Desktop . . Changing Radically . . ? (Yes & No)

UPDATE Aug 3 2018:

As it turns out, the transition to the “DaaS” design referenced below does “not” apply to consumer installs of Win10 . . . but IS targeted for business and large organizations (military, education, etc.).

HTG Article re Win10 “DaaS”


Original Post:

Interesting article – – Windows 10 Desktop going to “DaaS” (Desktop as a Service).   Sort of like Office 365 that is rented by the month . .

ComputerWorld Article re Windows 10 Changes


Aug 11 OTC Meeting Agenda

Another meeting is coming up Sat Aug 11 at 0900 – – Sump Library Papillion!

Here are the planned meeting topics:

Tech News and Web Posts Review (including recap on how to generate a new post and how to edit an existing post) – – Greg

Round Robin Table-Talk . . . “What are the top 2 or 3 programs you run and how frequently do you use them”??   PC, Smart Phone or Tablet – – Beverly

E-Mail Woes – – Steve

If time permits, we’ll be viewing a “Slide-Show” of Dennis F’s  “Alaska Adventures” . . . .

Door Prize Drawings – – Dennis F and Trudy


Winter is Coming . . .

Not an endorsement of Raccoon Brand . . . but just too cute to not share!

Picking right cpu for laptop

Review on different cpus for laptops I3 to I9