Windows Blocking installs




Have ever had this box pop up?

I did some hunting and I have a twelve step edit of regedit to permit you to do that install windows 10 has been blocking.  When done you can go over the twelve steps and revert to the way it read the error codes except your install is now working.  I had trouble originally running the built in install on my hp 1102w laser printer.  That is when I started the hunt for a solution.

So if you are into a little regedit let me know and I will send a text file on the steps.


One thought on “Windows Blocking installs”

  1. Hmm . . . I’ve heard of “Twelve Step” programs to lose weight, overcome addictions, etc. etc. So, . . . it’s kinda cool to have a “Twelve Step” program for Windows too! . . . . ( : = > )

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