Why Your PC’s UEFI Firmware Needs Security Updates . . .

The following link to OTG clarifies what PC users need to know about the “UEFI Firmware” (aka BIOS of yesteryear) related to security patches:

HTG Link re UEFI Firmware Updates

For Windows devices:

“Project Mu is all about helping PC manufacturers create and test UEFI updates faster by streamlining the UEFI development process and helping everyone work together. Hopefully, this is the missing piece, as Microsoft has already made it easier for PC manufacturers to send their UEFI firmware updates to users automatically.”

For Linux devices:

“This isn’t just a Windows thing, either. Over on Linux, developers are trying to make it easier for PC manufacturers to issue UEFI updates with LVFS, the Linux Vendor Firmware Service. PC vendors can submit their updates, and they’ll appear for download in the GNOME Software application, which is used on Ubuntu and many other Linux distributions. This effort dates back to 2015. PC manufacturers like Dell and Lenovo are participating.”