3 Ways to Deal With a Frozen Linux System . .

Appropriate subject matter . . . especially for this Winter!  And the answer is not “just move your PC to Florida” . . .  (btw – – hopefully the next OTC meeting will happen before APRIL!).

Anyway . . . this post is not about the weather, but it focuses on a user’s PC running Ubuntu (or most other Linux distros) . . . that has frozen for a variety of reasons (mainly program, system bugs or browser badware).  These freezes can impact just one program that won’t respond to user input or the whole desktop is frozen.

In Windows, one typical response is the good old “ctrl + alt + del” key sequence.   This often does nothing on Linux (although a user can create a key-binding to call the reboot command).  That is not the preferred or best way to handle Frozen systems.

The following article from the folks at “linuxhandbook.com” does a good job of laying out the options and is worth a read.   At a future meeting, this is a key topic I’d like to cover in greater detail.

Here’s the link:   How to fix a Frozen Linux System

Return of the Darter Pro!

While laptop competition remains strong . . . there is an absence of full-sized laptops having long battery life . . . hence, the return of the Darter series from System76.   A full 15.6″laptop at 3 1/2 pounds & running in advanced power saving mode.

More details will  follow when the laptop is formally released, but here are the projected specs;

System76 Darter Pre-Release

The Smart TV Crapware Era Has Already Begun . .

Note:   even if using a Smart TV to connect via air antenna, or via HDMI from PC . . . a portion of the display is captured and uploaded back to the TV Manufacturer  who has software that will ID the content (and ID your location and pattern of viewing as well).

This is a big reason behind the huge price drops for modern TV hardware.

Lookee here for more info:  Link to HTG re Smart-TV’s

Win 7 EOS (end of support) . . . is coming Jan 2020

As with XP, MS will stop bug and security updates for Windows 7 in just one short year.

And . . . . as Windows 10 has been the most annoying & problematic Windows yet, this may be a good time to try Linux on a separate internal partition or a usb v3  portable (like the small SanDisk extreme 500) SSD.

Note:  below the graphic is a link to an excellent article that just touches the surface of WHY Windows 10 is not a good solution either (just because an OS “looks good”, is no indication it is in fact a “good” OS when compared to Mac or Linux).

Win7 EOS Article



OTC Meeting Agenda . . February 9, 2019

Hopefully, we’ll be able to do an actual “Winter” meeting next month!  So, our agenda will be as listed for the January meeting.

Location:   Sump Papillion Library.

Date/Time:  Saturday 2//9/2019 at 0930 till aprox 1130.


Monthly Tech Update (Greg)

Intro to Ubuntu Linux 101 . . (Greg) . . Key Distinctions between running a Windows PC versus Ubuntu.   This is about getting on the “right path” and not carrying any unneeded Windows baggage.

Q & A and Opportunity for suggesting new presentation topics (including presenting if so inclined).