3 Ways to Deal With a Frozen Linux System . .

Appropriate subject matter . . . especially for this Winter!  And the answer is not “just move your PC to Florida” . . .  (btw – – hopefully the next OTC meeting will happen before APRIL!).

Anyway . . . this post is not about the weather, but it focuses on a user’s PC running Ubuntu (or most other Linux distros) . . . that has frozen for a variety of reasons (mainly program, system bugs or browser badware).  These freezes can impact just one program that won’t respond to user input or the whole desktop is frozen.

In Windows, one typical response is the good old “ctrl + alt + del” key sequence.   This often does nothing on Linux (although a user can create a key-binding to call the reboot command).  That is not the preferred or best way to handle Frozen systems.

The following article from the folks at “linuxhandbook.com” does a good job of laying out the options and is worth a read.   At a future meeting, this is a key topic I’d like to cover in greater detail.

Here’s the link:   How to fix a Frozen Linux System

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