Listing of “Mini” computers pre-loaded with Linux . .

An updated list – – it just keeps growing.   For general home/student use, these are the  perfect form-factor (portable but easy to connect to a  large flat screen non-glare monitor ).   No more clunker Towers . . . just add a wireless mouse and keyboard and you’re good to go!

Listing of Mini PC’s running Linux

Pinebook Pro, the $199 Linux Laptop, Gets Keyboard & Bluetooth Spec Bumps

Another option for Linux Laptops . . at this price point ($199), it’s a reasonable machine.

Longer battery life, plus IPS display make it useable.  Latest wifi, bluetooth & mag-alloy body are other pluses.  On a Windows machine, 4 GiB ram is meager, but not on Linux (Ubuntu “Mate” only takes 1/2 GiB ram . . . ).

One downside is the 64 GiB eMMC storage memory . . but again that’s plenty for  the base OS and common required programs (LibreOffice, Firefox,  etc.)

If my little Acer Travelmate laptop gives up the ghost in the next year or so, this would make a good replacement for OTC needs.

OMG Ubuntu! blog on PineBook Pro