Agenda – OTC Meeting July 13, 2019 @ Sump Lib. @ 0915

Hello OTC’ers . . . here is the projected agenda for Saturday July 13th 2019 at Sump Library in downtown Papillion:

Monthly Tech Round-table discussion and OTC website update.

A review of several options to install and uninstall software in Linux.  These methods and tools apply to most popular Linux Distributions.  Options include “Synaptic PM, Snaps, AppImages and Flatpaks.”.   Also, how to install deb packages using the stand-alone package manager (PM) “Gdebi”.

A review of basic disk partitioning in Linux using the GParted program for managing disk storage.


One thought on “Agenda – OTC Meeting July 13, 2019 @ Sump Lib. @ 0915”

  1. Bookmarks for Demo’s

    Using GParted:

    Snapcraft Repo:

    AppImage Repo:

    Flatpak Repo:

    Stand-Alone Debs:

    Debs are available at many websites (similar to Windows) . . for example

    Brother Printer . . . .

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