OTC Meeting Agenda . . Sat. October 12, 2019

Hey OTC’ers.   Yes, we will be having our monthly meeting tomorrow at Sump Library at about 0915 – 0930.

A G E N D A . . 10/12/2019

Monthly Tech Update via OTC Postings

Part 2 of CherryTree Database:

– – including additional info regarding file encryption via 7z (7zip) in Linux.  A very simple and handy way to protect your files if you are not using full-disk encryption (aka LUKS).

Part 1 of Intro to Virtual Box:

– – another way to continue running Windows 7 that protects your machine and OS.  Also, this technology allows you to run “Mint” or any of the additional top rated distros.




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  1. Meeting Support Links . . 10/12/2019:

    > CherryTree Database





    > 7zip Encryption (type “7zip” or “p7zip” in the search bar of Ubuntu Software or Software or Synaptic package managers). More info here: https://itsfoss.com/use-7zip-ubuntu-linux/

    > Virtual Box Intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1dVhDYAv9E&t=371s

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