Firefox Send . . . a new large file sharing service from Mozilla

A really nice feature that simplifies sharing of any type of file, especially photos.   Saves space if you’re already using Dropbox, Google Drive or a similar Cloud Storage service.

Files are encrypted and share options can be customized.   Will be trying this and we can test at our next OTC meeting by having someone at the meeting do a demo download.

The Smart TV Crapware Era Has Already Begun . .

Note:   even if using a Smart TV to connect via air antenna, or via HDMI from PC . . . a portion of the display is captured and uploaded back to the TV Manufacturer  who has software that will ID the content (and ID your location and pattern of viewing as well).

This is a big reason behind the huge price drops for modern TV hardware.

Lookee here for more info:  Link to HTG re Smart-TV’s