HP’s Instant Ink Program – Still a Good Deal?

At our usage rate . . . not so sure I would enroll in this program again.

We print infrequently and mostly text.   And as more and more business/govt vendors send PDF files or links, less hard-copy scanning needed.

But this article is interesting – – I didn’t know HP can send a “suspend print” command to your print server if you bail-out of the program.  They can also cancel your warranty if you load 3rd party ink.

HTG Article re Instan Ink Program Pitfalls

Return of the Darter Pro!

While laptop competition remains strong . . . there is an absence of full-sized laptops having long battery life . . . hence, the return of the Darter series from System76.   A full 15.6″laptop at 3 1/2 pounds & running in advanced power saving mode.

More details will  follow when the laptop is formally released, but here are the projected specs;

System76 Darter Pre-Release