Long Live the Floppy!

Here’s a fun article that might bring back memories of making and selling our Slugo club software on floppies.  This article discusses the end of the ‘original’ floppy drivers for Linux OS’s.



Windows Blocking installs




Have ever had this box pop up?

I did some hunting and I have a twelve step edit of regedit to permit you to do that install windows 10 has been blocking.  When done you can go over the twelve steps and revert to the way it read the error codes except your install is now working.  I had trouble originally running the built in install on my hp 1102w laser printer.  That is when I started the hunt for a solution.

So if you are into a little regedit let me know and I will send a text file on the steps.


Picking right cpu for laptop

Review on different cpus for laptops I3 to I9



MS Rolls Out New OS . . . and it’s 100% Linux (what the hey!???)

More and more change at MS.    They have rejected using the Windows OS code and kernel to run their new “SphereOS” which is designed for IoT MCU’s (internet of things microcontrollers).

Here’s a good video and link to the detailed article:

SphereOS for Iot MCU’s

I splurged . . again


Out of curiosity, I found the sales slip for my currant SONY monitor .. which I thought I bought at a swap meet.  Not so … bought 11/23/2004 from NFM ..   a Black Friday Sale + $100 mail-in rebate .. monitor + tax + 3 yr warranty = $802.50 before the rebate.

I retired in 2004 .. so this monitor has been on nearly every day for HOURS and still works/looks like new.  The grandkids will use it now.

I wanted something new with an HDMI plug .. and Newegg had a 24hr sale .. so ..  ASUS MX259H 25″ 5ms Dual HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD monitor IPS Panel …. $189.99 and free shipping.  Has built-in sound/speaker system by Bang & Olufsen ..  one less peripheral to plug into the NUC.    🙂

Next week is going to crawl by as I wait for the Fedex man . . .

So I did it ……

and ordered the NUC … with Win10Pro.  I REALLY vacillated between the NUC and System 76 .. but the OS that I’m familiar with, and use every day, won in the end.  It was also on sale .. and had better not drop further before years end!  🙂

This will be my ‘main’ machine and the grandkids will get the old CPU.  Now .. if I could only find an ‘A/B switch box’ that would work with the monitor!  [like that’s going to happen!]

Here is the info .. and I’ll let you know how it works!

ABS NUC Mini Desktop Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7567U (3.50 GHz) 16 GB DDR4 500 GB SSD Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit ANUC7I7-001