The US Navy will replace its touchscreen controls with mechanical ones on its destroyers . .

Interesting post on “the Verge” regarding a common issue with Touch-Screen User Interfaces . . . versus mechanical Interfaces (including keyboard control hot-keys).

Verge Article re US Destroyer Systems

Windows vs Ubuntu – Side by Side Comparison . .

Very well done article – providing a summary with a side by side comparison, followed by a long, detailed analysis of each OS’s features and functionalities.

Worth reading to better understand why I’ve recommended Linux for our Club Members these last few years.   Simply put, for most common and everyday users, it’s just a safer & smoother experience.   And the great support Community is an added bonus.

Comparison of Windows & Ubuntu blog

Yet more “Linux” capability being added to Windows & ChromeOS . .

Every few months now, Google and Microsoft continue to add Linux features and capabilities to allow developers AND users to take advantage of Linux features (like built in superior networking tools and vastly improved security from malware, etc.).

Also, Malware management & risk of hacking inside corporations/govt’s is becoming one of the main drivers to switch away from old legacy Windows code.  In fact, Windows maintenance is such MS is no longer even trying to maintain and update many areas of the Windows code base.

Most IT pros are now predicting MS will either do their own Linux distro (to completely replace Windows) . . . or . . . will buy Suse, Redhat or Canonical and leave the main OS to them, while MS builds tools to allow users to seamlessly run either OS or cross platform programs.

Link to OTC blog about Linux growth

Windows 10 now requires more disk/storage (32 GiB)

The size & complexity of the Windows OS continues to expand.   See the link to Chris Hoffman’s blog.   This doesn’t compare favorably to Linux, which normally requires 6 to 8 gigs total.   No wonder these updates take so long and often hose the OS . . . .

Windows 10 Ever Increasing Appetite . . . .

Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” Released . .

“Disco Dingo” (aka Ubuntu 19.04)  is out and available as of today (April 18, 2019).   Here’s an update video:

If upgrading, be sure to:

disable all extra (non-ubuntu server) sources in “Software & Updates”

run the normal update process to ensure your existing install is up-to-date

be sure your laptop is either on AC power or at the least has a full 4 hour charge

note:  the actual time required for the update from start to finish is between about 75 to 90 minutes.   But I like to have some insurance that if there is a hang-up, you have plenty of battery power . . .


The “new” SUSE . . . now the largest independent Linux provider

As RedHat is now officially a part of IBM, this will make SUSE the largest independent Linux OS company . . growing at 15% annually.

They still put out one of the best Linux distros . . . very polished and stable with additional gui tools for managing the desktop.   I think I’ll install it again on my 500 Gig SanDisk portable SSD and demo it at a future meeting.

So, if curious, the big 3 Linux companies world wide are:

RedHat (IBM) (USA)

SUSE (Independent) (Germany)

Ubuntu (Canonical) (UK)

Link to ZDNet blog re Suse