SoftMaker Suite . . Another Office Alternative

Thanks to Leo Martinez for sending a heads up email about the new version of SoftMaker Office Suite!! . . . a very capable and well supported alternative to MS-Office.  It comes with both paid and free (beta) versions.   The link below the graphic explains more.

Versions available for Mac, Windows, Linux/BSD and Android!

Softmaker article link (by Jack Germain)


System76 Adds HiDPI Line of Laptops . .

These are not your average “big-box” or low-end mass marketed devices.

Top flight components (samsung, kingston, crucial, intel, asus, etc.).

But what I like best is the customer support . . free software (OS) lifetime warranty  . . . and same day/next day turnaround.

Not exactly your HP or even Dell plans (and I do like Dell also).

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USB v3 Hub (revised . . 7 Nov)


The other day, without much forethought, I was about to purchase a “generic” 4 port usb hub because I’m using more and more storage devices such as my SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD 120GB . . . that I purchased in March.

Furthermore . . . .  last week, I installed “Solus OS” on the SanDisk, but I realized if I want to take full advantage of the rated speed (415 MB/s . . . yes, 415 MB/s), . . . it needed a usbv3 port! . . .  (which are in short supply  on my Acer laptop).  In fact, I have only 1 such port on that machine.

So,  I opted to get the above Sabrent v3 hub.  I’m a bit surprised that I hadn’t thought of this before.

Now, I’m absolutely looking forward to demo’ing both devices at one of our next meetings.   A full linux OS on a very small SSD with usbv3 is like having 2 PC’s.  The speed and functionality are  amazing.

Sabrent USB

Info on the SanDisk device available below . . . links direct to my prior post here at OmahaTechConnect . . .

SanDisk Extreme 500 . . Portable SSD