More on “Joplin” Notes . . .

Am very impressed with Joplin as a great solution for notes and tips of all kinds.   It has the really important features needed:


Truly cross platform (Windows, Linux, Android, IoS and MacOS)

Has full support for Markdown Text (a relatively) easy method to create and maintain text files with attachments (docs, photos, movies, etc.), Links (web, network and local files)

Supports local file encryption (files stored locally or on the cloud)

Here’s a recent video from another well known Linux you-tuber:

Special Note:   the last half of this video is about the CLI (Command Line Interface) version of Joplin.   Just disregard if you don’t intend to use that version (I won’t be – no need)



Why do people still bother with the “Command Line” . . . . ?

Well written article which explains the value of the CLI (Command Line Interface).   True, most of that value applies to more advanced users and systems folks, . . . but the CLI can save both a “pro’s” and “newby’s” butt in certain situations.

HTG article re Command Line . .