Adding a “local” user account . . becoming more difficult in WIndows

For some folks (maybe most?) this policy-design change is a big “nothing-burger”.    Not so for me.   I prefer more local control of my PC devices (including the OS).   Win10 Pro not “yet” impacted . .

Link to HTG Article re MS-WIndows Login

Important Microsoft Info re CCleaner . . (aka “Crap Cleaner”)

As some of our club members, over the years, have expressed they use the popular software “CCleaner” . . . . here is a “Caveat Emptor” . . . .

Well folks, apparently MS agrees with the warning above (see link below for the details).  CC Cleaner help posts banned from MS-Support forums.

The MS-Windows centralized “registry” has long been problematic insofar as OS stability and other issues (e.g., design weakness . . . “Single Point of Failure”).

Note that Android, IoS, Linux, Unix and MacOS’s  use simple text files to do the job of a single registry (more flexibility and control).

Link to CC Cleaner Article