Safe Download Sites

You’ve likely heard me grouse about how the old reliable download sites now accompany their freeware with generous sides of other ‘stuff’. The linked article has a list of (at that moment) safer sites, and a smallprint way to avoid the ‘stuff’ on the other sites.

Safe software download sites – Beware of deceptive download links & PUPs

Sometimes, you should leave well enough alone . . .

Hubby’s ASUS tablet has become the grandkid’s game machine.  And repeated game downloads and deletions have slowed it to a crawl.  Time to clean it up – or so I thought.  To speed things along, I decided to erase all data and do a factory reset.  This has worked well on two Samsung tablets, ASUS can’t be too different.  Or so I thought.

When I gave up, I took it to ARN Network Computer at 4273 S. 144th.  I picked it up 10 days later, at $0 charge, and exactly as I had left it.

Two messages stop tablet function — 1. “Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped” and 2. “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.”  I have tried the majority of the ideas offered by doing a Google search on both problems.

It has been reset numerous times, started with and without an email account but nothing I have tried or the young guys at ARN tried has solved the problem.  Oh – and ‘Play Store’ no longer functions – just a blank screen.  [Makes doing any updates pretty impossible!]

Constructive IDEAS????


MS – Critical Patch Release – All Versions


MS has just released a critical patch for all “supported” versions of Windows.    It is an issue caused by insecure installment of printer drivers from bogus server sites (often “posing” as valid sites).

It turns out, in order to make Windows even easier to use for the low-information user, . . . MS disabled a built in security feature:

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Raspberry Pi . . . In Space

Short and interesting video for our Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.   Steve L and I attended a demo this past Tuesday (7/5/2016) . . about “OpenHab” at the “Omaha Linux Users Group” (OLUG) . . in that case, the Pi was used as a smart controller for home automation.

In this case, the Pi is used to conduct very cool experiments on the ISS.

note:   see comment for the “rest of the story . . ”