Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” Released . .

“Disco Dingo” (aka Ubuntu 19.04)  is out and available as of today (April 18, 2019).   Here’s an update video:

If upgrading, be sure to:

disable all extra (non-ubuntu server) sources in “Software & Updates”

run the normal update process to ensure your existing install is up-to-date

be sure your laptop is either on AC power or at the least has a full 4 hour charge

note:  the actual time required for the update from start to finish is between about 75 to 90 minutes.   But I like to have some insurance that if there is a hang-up, you have plenty of battery power . . .


Firefox Send . . . a new large file sharing service from Mozilla

A really nice feature that simplifies sharing of any type of file, especially photos.   Saves space if you’re already using Dropbox, Google Drive or a similar Cloud Storage service.

Files are encrypted and share options can be customized.   Will be trying this and we can test at our next OTC meeting by having someone at the meeting do a demo download.

Winter is Coming . . .

Not an endorsement of Raccoon Brand . . . but just too cute to not share!