Code of Conduct : rev. 10/27/2017

This Code applies to all who submit comments or posts, whether member or guest.

  • Be considerate & respectful
  • Be collaborative
  • Value clarity
  • Ask for help when unsure
  • Take responsibility

Here are a few topics to avoid:  (or don’t post about . . . )

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Sexual content of any type
  • Ethnic or gender issues/topics
  • No spamming

Always remember to:

  • Provide attribution to your posts.   That is, make it clear to the reader where the source of the content comes from (via linking and/or adding info about the original publication and original authors name).   It’s just common courtesy and keeps OTC clear of any copyright issues.
  • Use links versus uploading content that was copied from source.   No need to waste the space on OTC servers.